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Nature Connection

Research shows that people with a greater connection to nature are more likely to behave positively towards the environment, wildlife and habitats. There is also increasing evidence of a positive relationship between a person’s connection to nature and their health and wellbeing.

A few weeks ago our Janine spent some time at the Botanical Gardens with Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust. Read on to hear about the training from Janine:

"On a beautiful spring-like day, I attended and enjoyed training in nature-based activities with Jenny and Mary from the Wildlife Trust, amongst other professionals, including our own Terezia.

The activities are a great way to introduce individuals to Nature Connection, and provide a simple but effective way of getting people involved. We did a hunt with colour palettes and matched them to the plants and surroundings; we made small posies to be worn and displayed, and we discussed how to make the best of our Green Spaces.

The session lasted half a day, with a mix of indoor classroom and outdoor activities on offer, in one of Sheffield’s best green spaces, the Botanical Gardens!

I can’t wait to share some of the activities with the people we work with in Network North, in both our Mindfulness and Nature Connection groups, plus gardening sessions in the community gardens!"

Want to find out more about the nature connection groups? Get in touch with Janine on 07443 999 260.

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