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Welcome to the team!

Here at SOAR, we are constantly evolving and changing in the pursuit of excellence. To help achieve this, our recruitment processes are about getting the right people, to fit the right posts. Here is an introduction to the latest members of our Team.

Rebecca Taylor - Reception & Centres Admin Worker

Rebecca joins the Centres Team, providing reception services and assisting with the day to day running of SOAR Works Enterprise Centre.

"I will be based mainly at The Learning Zone and SOAR Works. You will see me on reception meeting and greeting tenants, answering the phone, handling mail and I also provide administrative support. The thing I am most excited for is meeting new people and getting to know all the staff and tenants.

Outside of work I am currently training to be a personal trainer because fitness is my passion. When I qualify I aim to help others on weekends and evenings with their own fitness. In my spare time I like to go kickboxing, travelling and spend time with family and friends. I also love anything that involves animals."

Anna Jennings - Wellbeing Coach

Anna joins the Wellbeing Coach Team for the Network North area (Grenoside, Ecclesfield, Chapeltown, High Green, Foxhill GP Surgeries).

"I'll be supporting people that have been referred by their GP to make positive changes over the course of 3 months to become happier and healthier by getting out more, becoming more active and connecting with others. I’m excited to lead on the Green Prescribing work at SOAR – helping people connect to the wonderful greenspaces and wildlife that we have in North Sheffield to reduce stress, become more resilient and feel better.

Outside of work I like walking, climbing, green woodworking (chair making course), craft courses."

Matthew Tagg - Wellbeing Coach

Matthew has also joined the Wellbeing Coach Team for the Network North area.

"I will be working with the Network North practices and their patients, to help with physical activity, weight management, mental health and all-round wellbeing of those patients. I am excited to work in partnership with the Network North practices and the patients which they will be referring. Helping those patients improve their overall health and wellbeing is my primary aim and what I will look to achieve.

My outside of work hobbies include weight training & physical activity, researching aspects of nutrition, watching YouTube and other leisure activities."

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