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SOAR is part of a citywide initiative led by Sheffield City Council to make Sheffield more dementia friendly.


We believe in the five key messages of the Alzheimer's Society:

  1.  Dementia is not a natural part of aging

  2.  Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain

  3.  Dementia is not just about memory loss

  4.  It's possible to live well with dementia

  5.  There is more to the person than the dementia

Local Activities


Here is a list of memory cafes and activities happening in North East Sheffield.

To keep up to date with what's going on, you can also sign up to the Dementia Friendly North East Sheffield mailing list.

Our Dementia Peer Support Worker


​If you would like to

  • Chat to someone

  • Get some 1-2-1 support

  • Share your experiences as a person with dementia or as a carer

  • Get involved with making your local area more dementia friendly

  • Attend a Dementia Friends session

  • Volunteer

  • Make your business or organisation more dementia friendly

  • Find out more about some online carers groups


Contact Lyndsey on

Local Activities
Our Dementia Development Worke
Dementia Friendly North Sheffield banner.jpg
Dementia Friendly North Sheffield banner.jpg
Dementia Friendly North Sheffield banner.jpg
Dementia Friendly North Sheffield

Dementia Friendly North East Sheffield is a group of people from the community and local organisations who are coming together to make our area more dementia friendly. We have monthly meetings and are currently working towards our current action plan:


Fire & Police

  • We have chosen this area as people in the area have asked for more information on services provided by emergency services.

  • We will:

  • Invite emergency services to attend our memory cafes and our Dementia Friendly North East Sheffield meetings

  • Share information on services, and raise awareness of tools such as the Herbert Protocol

  • Build up referral pathways with emergency services

  • Raise awareness of training in the area

Health & Social Care

  • We have chosen this area because we want to develop the relationship between voluntary sector organisations and the health and social care sector, and build more lines of communication between people with dementia and their carers, and health and social care services.

  • We will:

  • Invite more partners to join our meetings (such as more care homes, the memory service and GP practices)

  • Improve ways to feedback to statutory services and care companies

  • Raise awareness of training in the area

  • Run a joint community event

  • Build relationships between community groups and care homes

We’d love to welcome you to get involved, please contact Rosie for more information.​

Other Useful Resources

Other Useful Resources
  • Sheffield Carers Centre provide services for unpaid adult carers in the city, including a hotline (0114 272 8362). They also offer a Carers Card with lots of benefits

  • Alzheimer’s Society provides information on activities in the area, resources, campaigning and dementia friends sessions

  • DEEP is a website created by people with dementia and has lots of different resources. They also have an LGBT+ group called ‘Speak Out'

  • Next Steps provides information about what the diagnosis process might look like for you

  • Dementia Together has fun resources and activities to play around with

  • Dementia Tip Share is a ‘treasure chest of tips’ created by people with dementia

  • Sheffield Directory contains sources of practical and emotional support for your health, wellbeing and safety

Professionals & Volunteers

Professionals & Volunteers

If you want to chat about making your group or organisation more dementia friendly then please contact Lyndsey on the details above.

  • Dementia Advice Service provides support to professionals and volunteers working with people with dementia

  • DEEP have lot of resources and tips for how to make activities and environments more dementia friendly

  • A Home Environment Checklist has been provided by Sheffield City Council Occupational Therapists 

  • Community First have a checklist for how to make your community centre more dementia friendly


We also encourage you to join Dementia Friendly North East Sheffield, and to sign up with Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance. 

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