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Meet the Team

SOAR is an award-winning regeneration charity in North Sheffield which provides a number of services for the community including health, buildings management, training and support into employment.

Our success is a result of our talented staff.


Management Team

Megan Ohri.jpg

Megan Ohri

Partnership Manager

Sally Whittaker.jpg

Sally Whittaker

Finance Manager

20210818 - SOAR - Social Accounts Day 1-215.jpg

Guy Weston

Health Services Manager

Ellen Summers.jpg

Ellen Summers

Centres Manager

Hanna Ramsden.jpeg

Hanna Ramsden

Families & Community Services Manager

Core Team

Sofeena Aslam.jpg

Sofeena Aslam

Learning & Development Coordinator

Amy Kinsella Ford.jpg

Amy Kinsella Ford

Business Development Coordinator

Andrew Devine.jpg

Andrew Devine

Finance & Contract Monitor

Centres Team

Marilyn Scarrott.jpg

Marilyn Scarrott

Centres Coordinator

Sally Dickinson

Centres Coordinator

Jane Archer.jpg

Jane Archer

Centres Coordinator

Barbara Russell.jpg

Barbara Russell

L4G Business Development Manager

Michaela Williams

Centres Coordinator

Social Prescribing Link Workers

Margaret Barker.png

Margaret Barker

Senior Social Prescribing Link Worker (SAPA5)

Alex Thomson.jpg

Alex Thomson

Social Prescribing Link Worker (Foundry)

Ellie-Rose Webster

Social Prescribing Link Worker (SAPA5)

Sarah Wilson.jpg

Sarah Wilson

Social Prescribing Link Worker (Network North)

Avanda Miller

Avanda Miller

Social Prescribing Link Worker (Foundry)

Rebecca Moss.png

Rebecca Moss

Social Prescribing Link Worker (Stroke Recovery)

Welfare Coaches

Julie Bramall.jpg

Julie Bramall

Senior Welfare Coach

Carl Perlstrom.jpg

Carl Perlstrom

Welfare Coach (Benefits)

Jodie Smith.jpg

Jodie Smith

Family Welfare Coach

Debbie Grayson.jpg

Debbie Grayson

Welfare Coach (Money Support)

Helen Harper

Welfare Coach (Housing)

Wellbeing Coaches

Julie Moore.jpeg

Julie Moore

Senior Wellbeing Coach

Naheen Mohammed.jpg

Naheen Mohammed

Wellbeing Coach

Mariam Hussain

Senior Wellbeing Coach

Matthew Tagg.jpg

Matthew Tagg

Wellbeing Coach

Lynn Hird.jpg

Lynn Hird

Wellbeing Coach

Bev Cross.jpg

Bev Hodgson

Wellbeing Coach

Janine Morrall.jpg

Janine Morrall

Wellbeing Coach

Anna Jennings.jpg

Anna Jennings

Wellbeing Coach

Me Jan 24.jpeg

Tasha Kistnen

Wellbeing Coach

Employment Coaches

Razia Din.png

Razia Din

Senior Employment Coach

Annie Grant.jpg

Annie Grant

Employment Coach


Paul Webb

Employment Coach

Hiba Amin Uddin.jpg

Hiba Amin Uddin

Employment Coach

Emotional Wellbeing Team

Helen Warren.jpg

Helen Warren

Senior Development Worker

Patrick Moran.jpg

Patrick Moran

Peer Support Worker

Lyndsey Crossland.jpg

Lyndsey Crossland

Dementia Peer Support Worker

Communities Team

Nicola White

Community Development Worker

Susan Vinall

Community Development Worker

Dominique Dowde

Dominique Dowde

Community Development Worker

Penny Thompson.jpg

Penny Thompson

Community Development Worker

Board of Trustees

20210825 - SOAR - Social Accounts day 2-42.jpg

Claire Lane

Chair & Independent Representative (Housing)

Joined 2012

Andy Male.jpg

Andy Male

Independent Representative (Community Safety)

Joined 2021

Wendy Yap.jpg

Wendy Yap

Independent Representative (Finance)

Joined 2020

Ellie Houlston

Independent Representative (Health)

Joined 2005

Simon Rippon.jpg

Simon Rippon

Independent Representative (Health)

Joined 2018

Tessa Godley.JPG

Tessa Godley

Independent Representative (Social Impacts)

Joined 2020

Peter Price.jpg

Peter Price

City Councillor Representative

Joined 2014

Mike Chaplin.PNG

Mike Chaplin

City Councillor Representative

Joined 2017

Abdul Khayum.jpg

Abdul Khayum

City Councillor Representative

Joined 2017

Talib Hussain.jpg

Talib Hussain

City Councillor Representative

Joined 2023

Rafik Al-Sakkaf

Community Representative (Burngreave)

Joined 2018

Callum Portman Ross.jpg

Callum Portman Ross

Community Resident (Burngreave)

Joined 2021

Josephine Towl

Community Resident

(East Ecclesfield)

Joined 2021

Maxine Greaves.PNG

Maxine Greaves

Community Resident

(Firth Park)

Joined 2019

Bridget Kelly.jpg

Bridget Kelly

Community Resident (Shiregreen & Brightside)

Joined 2022

Adam Hurst.png

Adam Hurst

Community Resident

(West Ecclesfield)

Joined 2022


Joanne Hayles

Community Representative (Chapeltown)

Joined 2023

Liz Grasso.jpg

Liz Grasso

Board Secretary & Minute Taker

Joined 2012

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