For Professionals

Referral Pathways

GP Surgery’s and professional agencies can refer to SOAR using this simple referral form.  This form is to be downloaded, completed and returned to

How it works?

The Social Prescribing Link Worker team triage referrals and carry out assessments over the phone or face-to-face, to find out how we can help and then use that information to signpost to a service who can best meet those needs. 

“There is evidence that social prescribing can lead to a range of positive health and wellbeing outcomes for people, such as improved quality of life and emotional wellbeing.


Social prescribing is a holistic, non-clinical and person-centred approach to people’s health and wellbeing.


Social prescribing involves being referred to a link worker who works alongside people toconnect them to community groups, supports and services that matter to them.”

University of Sheffield

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Our Successes

See our most recent Social Account below.

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Social Prescribing

Once I refer a client, how long will it take SOAR to get in touch with them?

We manage all urgent referrals to the appropriate service within 24 hours of receipt. We manage all non-urgent referrals to the appropriate service within agreed timescales.

What happens to my referral?

Your referrals are directed to the most appropriate service for the client, based upon the information you provide. A SOAR Social Prescribing Link Worker will telephone your client and spend time to understand, build confidence, plan, support and/or refer them on to additional support. The additional support might be internal to SOAR or external to our citywide links. 

What happens if SOAR can't help the client I've referred?

Please read our referral criteria. SOAR will do its utmost best to support your client, but please ensure you fully complete the referral form.

Community Partnerships

What is the community partnership network?

The aim of the Community Partnership Network is to bring together the Voluntary Community Sector that work in North Sheffield that respond to local and community needs, so we can build strong connections, exchange knowledge, support and empower to create long-lasting partnerships.

How do I become a Community Partner?

Do you work in North Sheffield and respond to local and community needs? If the answer is yes, please complete our online membership form.