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A Day In The Life of a Wellbeing Coach

In celebration of Link Worker Day 2021, we spoke to one of our wonderful Wellbeing Coaches and found out how she spends her working day. Here's what she had to say:

Bright sunny and beautiful Thursday morning, I send out reminders of the walk a day before and meet my clients (women only) at the start of the walk for 11am. The women are ready and raring to go. We start from the benches near the children’s centre and walk around the entire park. Some clients walk slow, others walk fast and some take short cuts and regular rest breaks. The women are able to manage their physical activity levels. Diabetic clients bring some snacks and water.

Clients have a great catch up and speak about their weekend, holidays, trips, walks, food, gym, parties, funerals, health, share tips and ideas of how to manage pain. A lady last week was saying she uses aloe Vera plant gel on her knee and also eats it. It has helped in reducing her knee pain. Clients are very motivated, come punctually and invite their friends to also come, we had 12 come last time!

Clients understand the importance of walking for their general health and wellbeing. They like to keep active and socialise. The greenery in the park is very therapeutic and relaxing!

They have done a maximum of 5 laps in the park and after the walk they like to go to Taste of Arabia or the bakery shop, for a warm cup of tea as a treat. It's a very happy, positive, friendly and warm atmosphere. If clients need to discuss anything confidential. I take them to one side where no one is around and can hear us. Or alternatively they have the option to speak to me in the office.

We see different types of birds, flowers, trees, dogs, people, butterflies, ants, etc. It uplifts their souls and gives them more energy especially when they see their friends and sometimes when they get carried away with the talking they go over the one hour walk time frame. But they do have the option to continue if they would like to.

It’s great to see their progress from when they first started to now – Incredible! Increased, stamina and cardiovascular endurance. Mental and emotionally they feel a lot better, positive community spirit, engagements in other activities, have even started helping in the community with over 50’s sessions. Most importantly they are looking after themselves, understand what their body required in terms of physical and mental health, and they keep in contact with their support networks. Fantastic progress – Very proud to work with them!

After the walk either go to deliver my pain packs or go into the office and do some work such as catch up with emails, add register to our Client Database, contact client for initial assessments and reviews. I am on the phone to clients from 30 minutes to over an hour, depends on the clients needs and areas of support. After this I make the appropriate referrals such as chronic pain support with myself, mental health service, men’s groups, etc.

Normally have lunch around 1:30pm or 2pm and also pray during that time.

After this I add my notes onto our Client Database, make the necessary referrals, contact service providers or colleagues if I need some advice and close any clients that have successfully finished with me. Before I go home I like to update my calendar and input my hours on our system.

What I love about my work: No two days are the same and I meet different people most days that require different types of help. Always learning especially from my clients.

5pm Home time!

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