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A Day in the Life of a Wellbeing Coach

Our Wellbeing Coaches offer guidance and encouragement to local people wanting to make healthier lifestyle choices. Have a read of what a typical day in Tasha's role looks like:

Tasha is one of our Wellbeing Coaches, specialising in Chronic Pain, working with the Foundry Primary Care Network. Every morning starts with some simply physio exercises with a coffee and a podcast.

What's a typical morning look like?

Mornings usually involve some administration tasks, answering phone calls, emails and texts. The fun stuff starts in the afternoon!

Lunchtime often involves more coffee!

What's the rest of the afternoon look like?

I run support groups for people living with chronic pain, so multiple afternoons a week involve travelling to a venue (currently Burngreave Vestry Hall, Firvale Community Hub, and Burngreave Library), setting up the room, running the group and encouraging discussions around movement and better nutrition.

After the sessions, I'll return to the office and update multiple systems on the day's events and registers.

Trying to see everyone that I want to see and support in a day can be challenging. Also, it can be quite upsetting to hear some of the personal life experiences that people bravely share with me, but on the flipside of that is seeing the progress people make and the difference it makes to their lives!

If you'd like some information or guidance around chronic pain, feel free to drop by our sessions or get in touch with Tasha on 07904 164 222 or

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