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A Walk in the Woods

Our Claire, Community Facilitator, has been enjoying days in the woods learning all about bushcraft! Have a read about her adventures below.

Just before Christmas, I went into Woolley Woods at the bottom of Concord Park and spent a morning with Howler Bushcraft. We looked, listened, and took note. We played hide and seek and learnt about the types of plants and trees inside that ancient woodland that I often pass on my way into Concord Park.

We created pictures from leaves, and made wreaths from nettles. We talked, laughed, and had a bit of a rest from the troubles of the world.

It was a cold, icy day with pale sunshine flowing through the branches and frost resting on the fragile leaves. It was beautiful. The few hours spent within nature gave me a much-needed chance to breathe and pause. To think, and reflect.

When the session was over, I felt enlightened and refreshed. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I really benefitted from this little excursion into what proved to be an exciting and vibrant world. I walked away wanting to share this experience with colleagues and clients, and that’s where you come in.

  • Do you suffer with anxiety and would welcome a chance to try something new?

  • Do you live in or around Shiregreen?

  • Do you want to move more?

  • Would you like to be part of a project about woods and green spaces? Got a few hours to spare?

  • Are you part of a family and would like to get into the woods and have family fun?

If you fit into any of these categories and are interested then please, please, give me a ring. I can’t promise to know everything and am new to the world of bushcraft.

What I can guarantee is an opportunity to try something new.

Claire @ SOAR: 07944 688 157

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