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Chronic Pain Café

In collaboration with Foundry Primary Care Network, our Wellbeing Coaches have developed a programme of support for people living with chronic pain, to help them effectively manage their condition and improve their quality of life.

In November we kicked off the programme with our first Pain Café and drop-in sessions in Burngreave. A few of our staff attended the first Pain Café at Vestry Hall - Tasha and Saira (Wellbeing Coaches), Avanda (Link Worker), and Sharon (volunteer). There was also a Pharmacist and Rehab Specialist there too, taking details to organise medication reviews, and delivering chair exercises.

Our wonderful volunteer, Sharon, was chatting away to a woman who used to volunteer at Vestry Hall and made her feel very welcome. Saira was a great help in translating some of the conversations and Avanda was a whizz in the kitchen!

Here's what some of the women said about the session:

"It's so nice to be around other women similar to me."

"It is great to chat with other women who understand."

"I will definitely be coming back, thank you so much for this, we need it!"

One woman cried when she was speaking of her experience of chronic pain, but when she heard that other individuals and workers had similar experiences, she was so touched at being listened to and being out of the house in a welcoming place.

Our Tasha says:

"I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the planning and preparation come together to create the first Women's Chronic Pain Cafe support group on Thursday 30th November at Vestry Hall. The work between SOAR’s Wellbeing Coaches, Stacey Middlemass (Foundry’s Senior Clinical Pharmacist), and Nuffield Health’s Rehab Specialist Louise Hatton meant the women who braved Sheffield’s icy conditions were given advice, support, and an encouraging environment to be themselves, ask questions, and even get involved in some terrific chair exercises.


I am looking forward to seeing the number of women joining the group grow week by week, and to see some special guests that we have planned over the next couple of months including Jenny King from ‘Wild At Heart’ bringing some winter arts and crafts to the last session of 2023, Julie Moore from SOAR bringing education and support regarding Menopause, and Dr Kate Bellingham from Page Hall Medical Centre answering questions and giving advice."

If you're interested in finding out more about the group, give Tasha a call on 07904 164 222.

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