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Menopause Mondays

A Menopause Café is aimed at breaking down the taboo around menopause, increasing awareness of the impact of the menopause on those experiencing it, their family, friends and their colleagues, and reflecting on the ‘third stage of life’.

Our Claire attended the session last week, read on to find out more:

When: the first Monday of every month, 4.30-6.30pm.

Where: SOAR Works, Knutton Road, Parson Cross, S5 9NU.

"On Monday evening, I went to the Menopause Group at SOAR Works, and thought I’d share my experience. If there are people out there who think this group might be for them, please give us a ring for more information.

Practicalities: It’s easy to park. SOAR Works is a comfy and respectful place with ample bathrooms, space and kitchens. It’s not the kind of place where everyone looks at you when you walk in! There’s a nice atmosphere. It’s relaxed and easy-going.

Ten women attended. All at different stages of their life cycles, and all lovely. Each had a story to tell, but there’s no pressure to say anything - if you prefer, you can just listen. We talked about issues such as the difficulties women sometimes face in being taken seriously. Some women had felt isolated and didn’t know who to turn to. Others wanted to share stories and take part in activities with like-minded women.

We also discussed the many changes that can come from the menopause, and how it could be a time to find happiness and satisfaction.

Because it’s a new group, the facilitator asked us for suggestions and ideas about future sessions. Ideas included exercise, nutrition, creativity, and outings.

It was a truly fascinating session. Listening to people talk so frankly is a touching and insightful experience that wouldn’t have been possible online. I came away heartened and felt connected with other women. I shall certainly go to the next session, and I hope you do too!"

How to book: The Menopause Cafe event is being organised by Senior Wellbeing Coach, Julie Moore, and places can be booked by emailing julie.moore@soarcommunity or on Eventbrite here.

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