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Myself My Community Social Café at Firvale Community Hub

The Myself My Community social café is a place where people recovering from mental illness can meet on a regular basis in a community venue and support each other's recovery. The café is organised by staff from SOAR, Firvale Community Hub and Community Wellness Services, plus a dedicated group of volunteer recovery coaches. The café offers gentle physical exercise, relaxation, craft and board games as well as food and a space to just talk and chill out.

Research has shown that getting out of the house and socialising with others who have been through similar experiences can be beneficial to ones' sense of well-being and healing process.

The café is open to people registered with the Foundry Group of GPs in North East Sheffield and referrals usually come from the Mental Health Transformation Team from one of these GP surgeries.

The café meets on Tuesdays from 2pm - 4pm and Fridays from 11am - 2pm at Firvale Community Hub, 127 Page Hall Road, S4 8UG.

One regular member has said "I wouldn't be without the café, it has helped me feel more positive and able to mix with people better."

For more information about the café and other community services offered by SOAR and Firvale Community Hub, please contact Patrick at or on 07904 163 331.

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