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SACMHA's Dementia Carers Group

SOAR is part of a citywide initiative led by Sheffield City Council to make Sheffield more dementia friendly. We work with a number of partner organisations who deliver fantastic support groups for people with dementia or their carers.

Here's a case study from SAMCHA's Carers Group:

Mrs C had become increasingly isolated and withdrawn since the Covid-19 lockdowns, and had decided to reach out to SACMHA as she recognised things were getting worse. She is also the main carer for her daughter who has physical disabilities.

Corrine from SACMHA spoke to Mrs C on the telephone and reassured her about being able to receive support from SACMHA. They discussed the services available such as carers support, counselling, advocacy.

Mrs C told Corrine that she really needed support to get her daughter out to activities. They arranged Door2Door transport and Corrine welcomed them both to the Social Café.

Mrs C was able to re-engage with people in the community again. Friendships were renewed and Mrs C was really happy and confident that her daughter has the chance to get out safely too.

Mrs C is now building her confidence and is able to contact SACMHA if she needs support. Her daughter is also very happy to be able to get out more. The group has improved both their lives.

"Thank you so much for your help – it has made a big difference for me... I really appreciate being able to get out and see my friends who I haven't seen for a long time, thank you.”

Find out more about the Carers Group here.

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