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Summer Healthy Holidays 2023

Sheffield Healthy Holidays (or HAF) is all about trying new activities, spending time with others, and eating food that does us good! Sheffield children and young people in receipt of benefits-related free school meals can choose from a huge range of fun, free activities happening citywide throughout school holidays.

SOAR manages the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme for two localities across the north of Sheffield, and this summer, we worked with 26 partner organisations to provide a whopping 6,420 places across 270 sessions for children and young people!

HAF plays a crucial role in positively impacting children and young people and is essential in mitigating the challenges faced by families with children on low incomes. The holiday clubs provide nourishment, foster social development, support learning, and contribute to overall wellbeing, helping to level the playing field for vulnerable youth.

Here's some amazing feedback from families and children sharing how important the clubs have been for them:

Find out more about the HAF programme and our involvement here:

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