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Talk and Walk with us!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

From January our Janine & Lynn will be walking and talking from local GP surgeries to exercise bodies and minds together!

These walks are for those of you that Janine & Lynn are already supporting, and for those of you who are patients at the surgeries listed below and you think you'd benefit from the walks.

What’s needed?

  • A can-do attitude!

  • Suitable footwear and clothing

  • You may wish to bring a drink, snack, or money to buy refreshments whilst out on the walk

Over 6 weeks you'll go for regular walks, starting at around 20 minutes and eventually moving up to 60 minutes. You'll also have a chance to focus on posture and mindfulness, as well as thinking about your local communities and what they offer us!

Contact Janine (07443 999260) about the following walks (now starting week commencing 24th January):

Shiregreen Medical Centre: Wednesdays 19/01/22 - 23/02/22

Norwood Medical Centre: Thursdays 20/01/22 - 24/02/22

Elm Lane Surgery: Fridays 21/01/22 - 25/02/22

And contact Lynn (07443 999261) about these:

Buchanan Road Surgery: Mondays 17/01/22 - 21/02/22

Green Cross Surgery: Tuesdays 18/01/22 - 22/02/22

Barnsley Road Surgery: Fridays 21/01/22 - 25/02/22

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