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Tips From Our Wellbeing Coaches

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Thursday 22nd September 2021 is National Fitness Day, and to mark the date we asked our fantastic Wellbeing Coaches what their best tips are for staying fit & active, and what their favourite way to exercise is. Maybe this will inspire you to try a new way of exercising you've never tried before!

PS. Scroll to the bottom to see our Janine helping out at the Tour of Britain this year!

Lynn's trick is: It doesn’t have to be one solid session - break it down into maybe 3x 10mins each day. They all add up and makes it more manageable!

I love a spinning class but I do enjoy walking in the great outdoors. Anything that makes you breathe a bit heavier and your heart rate increase.

Mariam's top 3 tips are: Whatever exercise you're doing, 1. it needs to be fun and enjoyable, 2. it needs to increase your heart rate, and 3. it needs to be consistent.

I love spinning and hanging - great for upper body strength!

Julie says: Exercise is brilliant for full body strength development, increased cardiovascular strength, increased energy levels, joint relief, and stress relief.

I love anything outdoors: biking in our lovely countryside - it’s good for emotional wellbeing, getting to the top of a hill and looking out over the valleys is very uplifting!

Janine's best tip for keeping active is: Don’t sit down, and keep moving! Do squats in TV ad breaks, and use household items if you don’t have weights at home. Baked bean tins are perfect for bicep curls!

My favourite ways to exercise are walking, cycling and spin class.

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