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Volunteer Review – what’s Bulgaria got to do with it?!

One of our 2023 ambitions is to review and re-shape the volunteering offers within SOAR to make it cohesive and visible within our community. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create an inclusive, exciting and clean-cut offer that truly represents our communities. And we can’t wait to share it with you!

Last year, 5258.5 volunteering hours were recorded at SOAR (from April to March 2021-22)!! That’s 315,480 minutes or according to Google, the same amount of time it would take you to walk from Sheffield to Bulgaria (on the European continent). The Community Champion project alone, working with 11 different partners, recruited 118 volunteers who engaged with 18,704 residents around health & wellbeing topics that affect them!

Reviewing our volunteer offer has been a team effort of volunteers, staff and partners. A review is important to make sure we continue to provide the best possible service to both volunteers and beneficiaries.

The review consisted of re-looking at the role descriptions, policies, paperwork, inductions and work flow. One of the biggest feedbacks received from both volunteers and staff was that was a lot of paperwork to complete and a lack of confidence in knowing where to find and share the correct information. We now have everything volunteer-related saved in one folder. We’re also looking at an online database, where volunteers can record hours and keep their own information up to date.

Volunteering at SOAR is a team effort and making sure it's fit for purpose is everyone’s duty. We owe our successes to the hard work ethic, adaptability and commitment of volunteers, staff and partners! That’s why, throughout 2023, you’ll see more about the incredible work volunteers support and deliver, as well as getting to know who our volunteers are!

If you’re interested to find out how you can start volunteering, please get in touch with our Communities Team on or 0114 213 4067.

Check out our Volunteering webpage here.

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