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Welcome to the team!

Here at SOAR, we are constantly evolving and changing in the pursuit of excellence. To help achieve this, our recruitment processes are about getting the right people, to fit the right posts. Here is an introduction to the latest member of our Team.

Dominique Dowde - Community Development Worker

Dom joins the team as a Community Development Worker in our Families & Community Services team. She'll be working on a new programme called 'Building Thriving Communities', working with local Welcome Spaces and helping build smaller organisations' capacity.

I am excited to work with an interesting and dynamic team at SOAR, and hope to really get to know the communities I serve.

Outside of work, I’m quite an outdoorsy person. I enjoy hiking, running and gardening, but you can also find me pondering over a jigsaw on a rainy day, or crocheting myself a warm blanket!

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