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Benefits Support Case Study

SOAR provides a range of support designed to improve a person's health, wellbeing and employability. This can look like supporting with benefits applications, supporting someone to make healthier choices, or pointing someone in the direction of local social groups they can attend. Here's how Patrick, our Project Worker, supported someone with their benefits application amongst other things:

"A 29 year old man was referred to me by his GP last summer. He had recently started having epileptic seizures and suffered from serious depression. He has applied for Personal Independence Payment and had been awarded the higher rate for mobility but had not been awarded anything for daily living.

I supported him to challenge the decision with the DWP and after they didn't change the decision we appealed. I started gathering evidence from his GP and neurologist as his seizures were having a profound effect on his ability to look after himself.

Medical professionals are busy and it took a while for them to reply with supportive letters. The individual received the letters but didn't manage to get them to me on time, so the appeal was heard without the medical evidence.

Still, the appeal was allowed and the individual was awarded the standard daily living rate and also kept his higher mobility rate. It will mean an extra £68.10 a week until 2025 when the award will be reviewed.

Since he initially applied in June 2022 he will also receive a backdated benefits lump sum of about £3,500.

He is delighted and will use the money to spend more time with his children."

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