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Burngreave Library Volunteer Case Study - Bonnie

Meet Bonnie – Burngreave Library Volunteer

Burngreave Library has been a volunteer-run library for 4 years. To mark this milestone we’re celebrating the wonderful work the volunteers have achieved! Find out more about Bonnie below:

My name is Bonnie and I have been volunteering at Burngreave Library for just over 1 year now. As a library user, I came into the library one day and starting chatting to Marcia, who told me about the volunteering opportunities. Since joining the team, I have loved being able to give back to the community.

Before volunteering at the library, I was an A&E Nurse in London and before that, I was a teacher in Zimbabwe. The skills I have learnt at previous roles have helped me contribute in a meaningful positive way to the library.

I enjoy meeting new people and making friends with other volunteers. Burngreave Library welcomes lots of people from different cultures and you can feel the community spirit. My favourite thing about volunteering is helping the little ones with reading and activities. I also enjoy developing my knowledge of computers and feel I can help people when they need my support.

My favourite memory from volunteering in the library involved a lady needing support to scan and send documents electronically. I was able to help her and she was so appreciative and thankful that the library was open. Without volunteers, Burngreave Library would have been closed.

Marcia is the Burngreave Library Co-ordinator and does a fantastic job of joining all the volunteers up and making it feel like a family. I love volunteering with the Burngreave Library team and have made some fantastic friends!

To find out how you can volunteer at Burngreave Library, please contact Marcia Layne 0114 203 9002 ( for more information.

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