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Chronic Pain Case Study

SOAR's Wellbeing Coaches support local people who require practical support to improve their health & wellbeing and change their behaviour to achieve their own choices and goals. We have developed a Chronic Pain pathway in partnership with local GP surgeries, to help support individuals experiencing chronic pain.

One of Mariam's clients had been referred by her GP for help with managing with her pains. During the initial lockdowns of 2020, she found it very difficult as she was isolating. She lost three close family members within a short space of time and this heavily impacted her mental and physical health, her pains got worse and she lost her appetite and motivation.

Mariam supported the client, ringing on a weekly basis to have a chat, go through dietary changes and send exercises she could do at home.

The client now attends our walking group, she walks at her own steady pace and attends regularly. The client now has a routine of activities that she enjoys such as walking, reading, and spending time with family. She feels motivated, is eating better and has noticed an increase in her confidence.

Prior to receiving support from SOAR, she didn't do much during the day and used to sit all day, so this is a huge improvement.

The client will be referred to the Swim Bus once it is safely reopened.

“Thank you for all your support! I have enjoyed your coaching.. Love the walks, gets me out of the house."

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