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Community Champions Case Studies

The Sheffield Community Champion Project, co-ordinated by SOAR and funded by Sheffield City Council, works alongside 8 community organisations. The Community Champions are supporting their communities by listening and helping spread trusted information about public health.

Read on to hear from Sharrow Community Forum and Firvale Community Hub, two of the community organisations involved in Sheffield.

*Names have been changed to protect identity.

Sharrow Community Forum Case Study

Maria* had recently suffered a miscarriage. When chatting to one of our Community Champions, it came to light that she was still in some physical discomfort as well as emotional discomfort. Our Champion was a listening ear and Maria spoke at length about how she was feeling and what kind of support she had. Her support system had stopped talking about the baby and Maria felt like she was expected to carry on caring for her family immediately after. Our Community Champion was able to signpost Maria to a bereavement counselling service as well as Jessop’s miscarriage support services.

Firvale Community Hub Case Study

Jenny* has been volunteering with Firvale Community Hub for a while now. She first came into contact with the Hub during the first lockdown of Covid. Due to lockdown and recently splitting from her husband, Jenny began to feel isolated and so reached out to Firvale Community Hub for some volunteering opportunities. Since volunteering, Jenny has mentioned that she feels less anxious and stressed with an overall improvement in her mental health. Her friendship circle has expanded and she’s signed up for several courses the hub is running. There are lots of benefits to volunteering! Jenny is a fantastic Community Champion and the project is better for having her being a part of it.

You can find out more about the Community Champions project here if you're interested in getting involved and being a Champion in your community!

Find more stories and feedback here and here.

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