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Dementia Review Case Study

As part of a pilot with SAPA5 Primary Care Network, we’ve been working on Dementia reviews with individuals and their carers who have been sent over to us by their GP for some more tailored support around Dementia.

This is one individual's story and a great example of our Link Worker working together with SOAR's other teams, and the GP Surgery...

Jane* (names changed to protect identity) and her carer attended the Dementia review after having had their medical review with the GP. At the medical review, Jane's husband and carer, John, had a list of questions about Jane's health which were answered by the GP. Any appropriate referrals were also made by the GP, including making an appointment with SOAR's Social Prescribing Link Worker, Ellie-Rose.

Ellie-Rose highlighted a few issues that would need looking into for Jane:

  • Jane was not claiming any disability benefit, and John was not claiming any carers allowance

  • Neither Jane or John were involved with any social activities locally - once discussed with Ellie-Rose, they both showed an interest in finding out what's on

  • John was unsure about creating a will

  • Attending the dementia review left John with questions to consider around carers and care packages for the future

From these points, Ellie-Rose discussed these with Jane and John and made the following referrals:

  • SOAR's Welfare Coach for support and advice around a benefits application

  • SOAR's Dementia Development Worker for support around dementia-friendly groups, and information about local dementia-friendly activities

  • The GP Surgery's Care Coordinator for advice and support around future care planning

  • Sheffield Carers Centre was discussed but John wanted time to think before being referred, and after a follow-up call this referral was made for John

  • A will advice document was also sent to both Jane and John

Feedback from John:

"I came with a list of questions and all of those questions were answered."

Feedback from the GP:

"We have been doing dementia reviews in the community as part of a pilot since September, and are learning and changing things as we go. I find that we can make these sessions much less clinically focused than they would be if held in the GP practice. Another huge benefit is that we are able to invest a lot more time per person rather than the 10 minutes that would be afforded to us normally, and this enables a much more holistic approach. I am really enjoying having the opportunity to get to know each person who attends and their loved ones/ carers, as well as working closely with different organisations who each have person-centred care at their hearts."

Feedback from the Social Prescribing Link Worker:

"I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to support with the dementia reviews. The review has involved a lot of collaborative working which is refreshing to see, as everyone that has been involved has made the review person-centred with the hope to try and provide as much support that is available to the patient and carer."

Find out more about our Dementia work here.

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