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Desmond Diabetes Feedback

Naheen, one of our Wellbeing Coaches, has recently completed the DESMOND Diabetes course, so that she can better support local individuals who have diabetes. The course teaches all the information about diabetes and how to self manage the conditions, from healthier eating to diet, exercise and medication. Naheen can provide individuals with the right information and guide them along the way of self-management.

Here's some fantastic feedback from a client who attended one of these courses:

My name is Bashir and I am 69 years old. I have been suffering from Type 2 Diabetes for over 9 years now. I take two tablets of Metformin 500mg twice and one tablet of Linagliption 5mg daily, and my sugar levels are under good control.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Diabetes course under the Desmond Education Program, conducted by Ms. Lynn Clarke (DESMOND Diabetic Nurse) and Ms. Naheen Mohammed (SOAR Wellbeing Coach). I would like to give some feedback about this useful course.

When I was invited to join the course, the first thing that came to my mind was that the course would be in the form of a English lecture and there wouldn't be any huge benefits for me because of the language barrier. However, when I arrived to join the program, Ms. Lynn Clarke and Ms. Naheen Mohammed greeted me very warmly and introduced themselves, and then all the participants did their introduction.

After the introduction, Ms. Lynn Clarke explained the purpose of conducting this course in English Language and Ms. Naheen Mohammed explained the purpose of conducting this course in Urdu language. The duration of the course was four classes in four weeks, I found this course useful and helpful in every way. It provided me with useful information which I was previously not aware of. I think by following the advice given in this course for controlling the sugar levels, one can protect oneself from these possible side effects to a great extent.

Ms. Lynn Clarke and Ms. Naheen Mohammed made this course very useful for us by answering various questions in a very beautiful and friendly environment for which they deserve appreciation. They have made it useful in every way by providing expert's lectures and the opportunity to talk in a friendly atmosphere on every aspect related to Diabetes. Undoubtedly they have worked very hard to prepare and present the course.

In my humble opinion there is a need to continue such courses on a regular basis in order to benefit diabetics.

Thank you very much.

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