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John's Journey with SWFCCP & SOAR

SWFC Community Programme and SOAR have been working together to provide a gym-based programme helping to improve the health of the community.

John, one participant, says:

“It’s changed my life immensely, in a very short time I’m a hell of a lot fitter, I’m going out and I’m more confident in myself and everything. I have really enjoyed getting out to the gym and I’m trying to bring the exercise home. I have been attending for a few months and I am learning something new about exercise every week. I'm hoping to lose some weight in the next few months and get beach ready.”

This gym-based programme offers participants quality dietary and exercise information for free, and we tailor sessions to meet individual health needs. Rob Ward, SWFCCP Health Officer, said: “The sessions give our participants advice and support about how to create an appropriate exercise plan, and they are shown a personalised exercise routine that can help them for the rest of their life. For a lot of people, the gym can be an intimidating environment, however our environment takes away any fear factor. John has shown real commitment to the sessions, and he is one of many participants benefitting from the gym experience.”

With UK obesity rates topping the rest of Europe, and Covid-19 adding extra pressure to the NHS, our free supportive community gym-based programme has never been more important.

“On the first day you get weighed, you do your blood pressure and all the normal tests. And then when you get started into it, it’s not only just the exercise side of it, it’s the nutrition and eating advice - not dieting but healthy eating.” - John

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