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Join us in making Sheffield Dementia Friendly

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance is leading on work to establish Sheffield as dementia-friendly. This means that someone with dementia feels part of our city and are respected and supported to live well with dementia.

  • Every 3 minutes someone in the UK develop dementia.

  • 67% of employers were seeking clear, more accessible information on dementia for their employees

  • 63% wanted more practical assistance from care and support to help their employees supported to stay in work

We are so proud to have so many membership organisations who are committed to supporting and striving towards a shared goal of making Sheffield a dementia friendly city as well as their own independent goals of making sure their services and businesses are as accessible as possible for people living with dementia and their carers and families. There’s a huge variety of member organisations from a diverse range of industries from businesses, to solicitors, health and social care providers to shops and social groups.

We would like your organisation to be part of this citywide social movement. The process is quite simple: join the Alliance by following this link and make a couple of annual dementia friendly pledges, then submit the form. You will be entitled to the following:

  • Dementia friendly logo for your email, website, social media

  • Opportunity to link with other Alliance members to share dementia-friendly ideas

  • One-to-one support your dementia-friendly journey via zoom, email or telephone

  • Access to a dementia-friendly toolkit to support your plans

  • You will be entitled to our regular email newsletter

  • Access to a dementia-friendly environment checklist

  • A dementia-friendly sticker for your venue or office

  • Support to access Dementia Friends awareness sessions

You can contact us for advice and more information.

We are happy to help: Kath Horner M:07757 619009

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