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Join us in making Sheffield Dementia Friendly

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance is leading on work to establish Sheffield as dementia-friendly. This means that someone with dementia feels part of our city and are respected and supported to live well with dementia.

  • Every 3 minutes someone in the UK develop dementia.

  • 67% of employers were seeking clear, more accessible information on dementia for their employees

  • 63% wanted more practical assistance from care and support to help their employees supported to stay in work

  • Dementia friendly logo for your email, website, social media

  • Opportunity to link with other Alliance members to share dementia-friendly ideas

  • One-to-one support your dementia-friendly journey via zoom, email or telephone

  • Access to a dementia-friendly toolkit to support your plans

  • You will be entitled to our regular email newsletter

  • Access to a dementia-friendly environment checklist

  • A dementia-friendly sticker for your venue or office

  • Support to access Dementia Friends awareness sessions

You can contact us for advice and more information.

We are happy to help: Kath Horner M:07757 619009

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