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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Here at SOAR, we are constantly evolving and changing in the pursuit of excellence. To help achieve this, our recruitment processes are about getting the right people, to fit the right posts.

Bluebell Evans - Social Prescribing Link Worker

Bluebell joins the organisation as a Social Prescribing Link Worker and is part of the team who are responsible for triaging referrals to find out how we can help.

"I'm a Social Prescribing Link Worker for the Foundry Primary Care Network. This means that I'll be working with patients from these surgeries by finding out what matters to them, then referring or connecting them to non-medical forms of support and interventions in order for them to improve their health and wellbeing.

I'm excited to be working in a team again, and to be working within an organisation that truly seems to make a difference to people's lives as a result of the personalised approach they take.

Outside of work, I'm really into (fell) running, road cycling and wild swimming. But on the flip-side I also love cooking and eating yummy food and enjoy the odd cocktail.."

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