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Welcome to the team!

Here at SOAR, we are constantly evolving and changing in the pursuit of excellence. To help achieve this, our recruitment processes are about getting the right people, to fit the right posts. Here is a (re-)introduction to some of our team members who have changed roles within SOAR over the past month or so.

Hanna Ramsden - Families & Community Services Manager

Hanna has worked for SOAR for 2+ years and is now the new Families & Community Services Manager.

"My role is to manage and oversee the HAF project alongside other projects that will be delivered across North Sheffield. I am excited to work with the new Family and Community Services team and to collaborate with people, organisations and services across Sheffield to support the needs of our community.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling, binge watching boxsets and spending time with my family, friends and fur babies."

Rose Batty - Business Development Coordinator

Rose has just come back into her role at SOAR from her maternity leave.

"I’m the Business Development Coordinator (Community Partnerships). Working with Community Partners I’ll be focusing on Community Champions, Healthy Holidays and the development of volunteering support and best practice across the organisation. I'm excited to get back in touch and working alongside the incredible Community Partners!

Outside of work I love to play Rounders and spend time with friends and family."

Mariam Hussain - Senior Wellbeing Coach (SAPA5)

Mariam has worked in SOAR's Wellbeing Coach team for 2+ years and has recently taken on the role of Senior Wellbeing Coach.

"I work alongside the Primary Care Network to help clients with their health and wellbeing through exercise, diet, social interactions, groups, outdoor activities, and increasing their self-confidence. I specialise in chronic pain and I’m passionate about this area in particular. I have used a range of tools and techniques to support clients with chronic pain and am looking forward to developing this area of need further.

I also manage some of the Wellbeing Coaches and attend meetings to develop and support staff and make our service accommodating for clients.

Outside of work I enjoy nature, walking/ hiking, reading and spending quality time with family and friends."

Margaret Barker - Senior Social Prescribing Link Worker

Margaret has been working at SOAR since November 2019 as the Social Prescribing Link Working for the SAPA5 Primary Care Network.

"I have recently been promoted into the Senior position effectively meaning that, while I will continue to triage and assess client’s referred for Social Prescribing by their GP, health professional and service professionals, I will also head up the team of Link Workers for additional Primary Care Networks.

Social Prescribing plays a massive part in supporting the community, families and individuals to reach their full potential. I am looking forward to working closely with cohorts and stakeholders to help those struggling with hardships during increasingly difficult times. I enjoy a challenge and feel that any success, no matter how small, is always worth the effort and struggle.

Outside of work I am very keen on physical activity having spent over 25 years working in health and fitness before joining SOAR. I enjoy long hikes and walks with my favourite places to ramble being Derbyshire and the local reservoirs. We are very spoilt in Sheffield with access to so many lovely parks. When not exercising I like to spend time reading and time socialising with my husband Anthony. I am also a crazy cat lady being mum to two fur-babies Heidi-Boo and Bobby."

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