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Wellbeing Coach Case Study

SOAR's Wellbeing Coaches support local people who require practical support to improve their health & wellbeing and change their behaviour to achieve their own choices and goals.

Meet Charity, who was referred into SOAR by her GP for support with weight management, as she was falling in to the category where her health could be compromised because of both excess weight and her ethnicity.

Janine, SOAR Wellbeing Coach, first met with Charity in October 2021 and they discussed ideas Charity had for losing the weight. They looked at small steps to achieve this by making small manageable changes that would fit in to her busy lifestyle.

Janine and Charity have kept in contact with a mix of texts, phone calls, face to face meetings and use of physical aids such as books, leaflets and online content (NHS website and apps). In total Charity will have had 4 face to face sessions, as well as texts/phone calls in between these sessions. Charity works in a busy demanding job, so we needed a flexible approach that also worked for the client.

Charity & Janine enjoying the sunshine last week whilst revisiting diet and exercise conversations.

Charity has currently lost around 10kg in weight. To achieve this, Janine helped Charity to adapt aspects from the NHS app and 12-week online programme. Plus, they added in smart food swaps and manageable tasks.

Charity is continuing to walk where she can, and take the stairs instead of the lift. She now plans and portions her meals. She has even swapped the sizes of plates she uses for meals.

Charity hopes by the next session with Janine to have lost a few more kilos and she feels confident enough to keep up the momentum by herself! She now has the skills and confidence to do so.

"I am thinking about food better and walking more. It’s down to the encouragement I have had from you, that I am 10+ kilos lighter."

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