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World Diabetes Day

Naheen, one of our Wellbeing Coaches, has recently completed the DESMOND Diabetes course, so that she can better support local individuals who have diabetes. The course teaches all the information about diabetes and how to self manage the conditions, from healthier eating to diet, exercise and medication. Naheen can provide individuals with the right information and guide them along the way of self-management.

Here's some feedback from two individuals who attended one of the courses a few months ago:

"I have learnt a great deal from the course and wish I had attended sooner. The tutors were exceptional and have taught me a great deal. It has made me aware of my diabetes and how to manage it. A very informative course which I highly recommend."

"First of all I am very thankful for the whole team that have arranged such a program for all of us. Before attending this I was unaware about my eating and drinking in my everyday life, and I had never thought about the benefits of exercise. I ate everything and never tried to avoid sugary foods.

But after I attended these sessions I got more and more information about my health. Now I encourage myself to exercise on a daily basis."

If you have diabetes and you're looking for support to better understand and manage it, speak to your GP who can refer you in to SOAR's Wellbeing Coaches, and then you can join one of Naheen's courses.

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