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A Day in the Life of a Welfare Coach

Our Welfare Coaches offer information, advice and support with short-term welfare-based issues such as benefits claims, housing, families and more. Have a read of what a typical day in Julie's role looks like:

Julie is one of our Senior Welfare Coaches, mostly working with older people. She gets up early to feed the dog, and starts her day with a ginger tea and some good old HRT!

What's a typical morning look like?

I'll check my emails and reply to any messages, make a few calls and make sure I have the right information ready for a home visit. Attendance Allowance forms usually take about 2.5 hours to complete, with some laughs and occasional tears thrown in! I'm usually treated to a couple cups of coffee and some biscuits.


I try to go for a walk over lunch but I don't always have the time, and sometimes it can mean lunch in my car between visits.

What's the rest of the afternoon look like?

My afternoons are usually a combination of calls to people on our waiting list, and catching up with current clients. I end up discussing a wide range of services, from older people's benefits, adult social care enquiries, Blue Badges, housing, DLA, 'buy now, die later' funerals(!), signposting to legal services around Power of Attorney and wills, and generally being smarter about growing older.

Jack of all trades and master of nowt, that's me!!

As joint Safeguarding Lead there's often some advice and guidance needed for colleagues too, to help keep everyone safe.

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