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A Day in the Life of a Wellbeing Coach

Our Wellbeing Coaches offer guidance and encouragement to local people wanting to make healthier lifestyle choices. Have a read of what a typical day in Mariam's role looks like:

Mariam is one of our Senior Wellbeing Coaches, specialising in Chronic Pain, working with the SAPA5 Primary Care Network. She's an early bird, jumping out of bed for some meditation and a bowl of porridge with honey to fuel her morning!

What's a typical morning look like?

I start my day with admin tasks, saying hello to the rest of the team online and responding to emails. I have a regular meeting with the rest of the Senior Workers, Business Development Coordinator and Health Manager, where we look through referral numbers and update on what each team is working on. Next I catch up with Julie, the other Senior Wellbeing Coach, where we discuss the team, groups and actions for the team.


I like to go for a walk across to Asda for lunchtime, to break up my time at a screen and listen to the birds!

What's the rest of the afternoon look like?

I'll get my resources ready for meeting my clients. Meeting someone for the first time, we'll often have a chat about their emotional and physical health, and talk through what kind of chronic pain they have:

  • how long have they had their pain?

  • do they know what the cause is?

  • what interventions they've tried?

  • have they been diagnosed with any other health conditions?

  • how motivated are they to engage with the support I can offer?

  • do they prefer 1-1 or group support?

We'll design a wellbeing and health management plan, with the individual feeling empowered and comfortable with the proposed lifestyle changes. I use tools from the 'Living Well with Pain' website, such as smart targets and pacing.

At the end of our appointment, I'll give the individual three actions to do between now and the next appointment in a couple of week's time, and we'll review them then.

I'll update my notes onto our database and the clinical systems and make any referrals as necessary.

I'll make some calls to the other individuals I'm working with, as well as call any new clients to tell them about the service we offer, and book them in for an initial appointment. Throughout the day I'll check in with my team and book any catch-ups as needed.

5pm and time to sign off for the day, leaving to fresh air and home time!

No two days are the same - some days are more focused on delivering activities, groups, organising events, and others are full of surprises such as covering a group for a colleague's absence or meeting like-minded professionals at networking events.

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