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A Trip to Castleton

After much deliberation, re-arranging and re-booking, two of our staff recently took a trip to Castleton with 10 of our clients, including 2 volunteers. Janine (Wellbeing Coach) and Sarah (Social Prescribing Link Worker) took everyone to Peveril Centre, Castleton and Peak Cavern for a rope-making demonstration. Read on for a run-through of the day from Janine:

On the day, we enjoyed beautiful spring sunshine, mixed with some showers and wonderful rainbows. On arrival at the Peveril Centre, we all enjoyed a brew and meeting with Jo and her team of Peak Park Rangers.

We then split in to three groups. Those staying behind at Peveril Centre to do crafts; those taking a short walk around what the village had to offer; and those on a longer walk on the trails around Castleton.

The longer walk enjoyed views of the geographic split that created Winnats Pass and the Tors above Castleton. If we had continued, the paths would have made a longer ramble over to Edale and beyond. We took a loop for a shorter 2k amble which led us back to the Centre.

After the walks, we regrouped and went on another short walk through the houses and steeper path up to the Cavern. At the Cavern, we enjoyed a rope-making demonstration in the mouth of the Cavern, which is the largest in the UK. One of our group was invited to help in the making of the rope.

After lunch, some enjoyed another walk around the village to gather last minute souvenirs and photos whilst others preferred to stay in the Peveril Centre and finish off crafts, or just enjoy another brew before heading home.

"Thank you, thank you. I can’t say thank you enough for this opportunity to come to the countryside.”

“Really loved the Peak Park trips, particularly this last one to Castleton.”

Next steps for the Peak Park trips...

Hopefully future funding and more days out!

A few clients have asked for more localised days out where we all take the bus and make use of travel passes.

Another client spoke about a wish for bike rides - we identified opportunities to use the bikes at SOAR, and also introduced the clients to the accessible bikes at Cycling 4all in Hillsborough Park.

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