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Beans and Beams: A place where you can feel warm and crafty

It’s already been a cold winter and everyone is struggling with the cost of living crisis. It can be difficult to decide between heat or food, especially when the temperature drops. Brr. As well, it’s easy to feel unconnected during the cold months. The last thing you on need on a Monday morning is the shivers…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a local place to visit in Parson Cross which is free, warm, and where you’re guaranteed a smile and a cuppa?

Look no further! Each Monday 9am-12pm SOAR runs a warm zone group at The Learning Zone for anyone over 18. Why not pop in and have a look at what’s available?

This last Monday we got crafty with crochet, quilting, card-making and a whole lot of other fun activities, all offered along with free hot drinks and biscuits. It’s amazing how fast the time flies when you’re busy and warm.

Sound good? Give us a ring: 0114 213 4067 or email:

Beans and Beams is funded by Sheffield Housing Company funding.

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