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Chronic Pain Groups

Our Wellbeing Coaches engage with local people who require practical support to improve their health and wellbeing and change their behaviour to achieve their own choices and goals. We have been working hard to develop our offer of Chronic Pain Groups, and our Terezia recently ran the first session of one of these groups at Firvale Community Hub.

Have a read to find out what the group learnt about, and where our other groups are being held.

Terezia says:

In our first session we discussed -

  • What is pain and the nervous system?

  • What are the factors causing pain?

  • Living with pain and ways of reducing, preventing or ameliorating the pain

  • What does healthy eating mean?

  • Low impact (seated exercises and wrist band) stretching (arms, legs, back)

The group was very engaged and organically opened up with each other, everyone realised how important it is for our wellbeing to talk to our friends, family or other people in the same situation about our wellbeing, health needs and challenges. A great first session!

Would you find it beneficial to attend a Chronic Pain Group and learn new ways to manage your symptoms? Ask your GP to make a referral into SOAR, or get in touch with Terezia, Janine or Mariam for more information (contact details below).

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