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Diabetes Support

Our Naheen, Wellbeing Coach, has recently completed the DESMOND Diabetes course, so that she can better support local individuals who have diabetes. The course teaches all the information about diabetes and how to self manage the conditions, from healthier eating to diet, exercise and medication.

This means Naheen can support those who are on the borderline with their diabetes and not currently taking any medication, to live a healthy lifestyle and manage their conditions better.

Naheen can provide individuals with the right information and guide them along the way of self-management. Further referrals are also made where necessary, for example to chronic pain groups or Live Lighter for nutritional advice.

Naheen is currently holding a drop-in session at Burngreave Surgery on a Monday to support clients there.

If you need support with your diabetes, your GP or diabetes nurse can refer you into the DESMOND diabetes course. You have the option of both online and face-to-face delivery. We are delivering a course for BAME communities in Burngreave as a trial run, and then we hope to deliver the course in other areas of Sheffield too.

PS. Look at all these fantastic leaflets we can share with those who need support with their diabetes!

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