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Employment Coach Case Study

SOAR’s Employment Team provides 1-2-1 support with getting back into employment, sourcing training and creating a plan to suit you. Working with a range of people, from young job seekers just out of education to those who have been out of work for a while, we continue to lead, support and empower individuals to value their transferable skills and recognise their capabilities. Here's Faaikah's story:

Faaikah came to the service after several years of being unemployed, looking to retrain so she could work with people in the community who have suffered from trauma. She wanted to work in this due to lived experience, and as a single mother she wanted a role that she could feel proud of and that set a good example for her kids, whilst not taking too much time away from them. She had already worked a little with Mums in Need, and had a lot of passion driving her towards these types of roles. Together we looked at many options for how she could do this, including putting applications in for trainings and volunteer work to do with the courts.

After we put together some very detailed applications, Faaikah secured an interview with the Witness Support Service. They will be taking her on to train in August of this year and she is very excited to begin working.

In addition to the work she will be doing for the Witness Support Service, we found a GCSE equivalent counselling course for Faaikah to focus on for the summer and to help with her academic experience relating to the roles she wants.

Faaikah says:

"The employment service has been a great support in helping me navigate through the necessary steps I needed in order to gain experience and prepare for employment. It is a service that is much needed and I would highly recommend when needing to take the first initial steps.

Staff members have been nothing but superb... Through the whole process I felt very supported and I appreciate the time taken to assess my needs and work on a plan that best suited me to achieve the best outcome. It has been a great experience for me personally which has open up doors for me to further my education and to find the line work that really resonate with me.

I am excited and happy with opportunities that this has brought to my life, which has given me a fresh and hopeful outlook to my future."

We're so pleased we could help! If you're looking for help getting into employment, get in touch with the team on 0114 244 0401 or

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