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Our Chronic Pain Groups

Our Wellbeing Coaches have developed a programme of support for people living with chronic pain, to help them effectively manage their condition and improve their quality of life. We're working in partnership with Foundry Primary Care Network, delivering a pain café, women's only group, and men's only group (starting soon). Here's an idea of what you can expect from the sessions:

At our Women's Chronic Pain Café at Vestry Hall we discussed the Persistent Pain cycle and ways to break it. We shared our 'top tips' with one another to help deal with everyday pain especially during this cold time.

As always, we finished off our session with some movements - on chair, with resistance bands, and stood up with our Movement Specialist Louise from Nuffield Health.

We're looking forward to having a GP visit us.

We had the fantastic Pooja from Bannerdale Osteopaths come and speak to us about relaxing our bodies to help with chronic pain. She led us through some simple but very powerful breathing and movement exercises both sitting and lying down. Pooja kindly answered our questions around sleeping better and easing back, hip, and knee pain.

As always, we finished our session with some movements to hit songs from the 80s, led by our Movement Specialist Louise from Nuffield Health!

We're looking forward to having a Physiotherapist visit us.

Despite the snow, we stick with the famous saying "the show must go on!".

We had the knowledgeable Louise breaking down nutrition and the things that our bodies absolutely need to function at its best. We discussed recipes, portion sizes, anti-inflammatory foods, and little changes we can all make to help our minds and bodies.

As always we finished off the session with movement - both chair based and standing, along to hits from the strong woman herself, Beyoncé.

Today we were talking about mental health, menstrual cycles, and night-time routines to help manage our long-term pain.

We all did some chair-based exercises and used resistance bands led by the wonderful Louise from Nuffield.

"It's really good here - I never used to get out of the house and kept myself to myself but now I've met some nice people, there's a positive atmosphere. I love Tasha's great sound effects, the  promoting healthy eating with free fruit... This group  helps with depression and I love the movements we do as it shows me that I can do it!"

If you'd like some information or guidance around chronic pain, feel free to drop by either of our sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday. Keep an eye out for information on our men's only group starting soon.

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