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Keep Fit!

Last week we celebrated National Fitness Day, the UK's largest physical activity celebration. One of the ways SOAR supports people is through encouraging, building and helping maintain healthy lifestyles. This might mean making diet changes, improving self-confidence to join a gym, trying out new exercises you can do from home, creating healthy and affordable meals, managing chronic pain and learning movements you can do to help, and so much more!

Our Wellbeing Coaches are sharing some great ways you can improve your fitness today:

Go for a 30 minute walk with a friend or your dog.

Make sure you stay hydrated!

This is a great low-impact workout for total beginners:

Try some Zumba at home - freestyle it or have a look on YouTube.

Move around the house every hour - for bonus points do an extra chore while you're at it!

What does being healthy and active mean to you? Find out more about what our Wellbeing Coaches do here.

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