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Let's Build Health Grants Updates

Let’s Build Health Grants are available to help create opportunities and develop local activity that improves health and wellbeing. The grants are available in the following People Keeping Well (PKW) Community Partnership areas: Burngreave, Chapelgreen, Firth Park/Shiregreen, Southey Owlerton.

This round we received some fantastic applications and funded a total of 24 local voluntary and community organisations delivering a range of projects! Here's a few updates of how the projects are going:

The Furnival - craft group for migrant women

"The group is going well, we have been running for 10 weeks and we will keep going until the end of the summer term. We have done a range of crafts and it has been well attended."

Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club - girl's cricket club

"The project is going quite well, we have done the winter training indoors but because of the young people's exams coming up we cancelled training for a short time, and will restart again outdoors at the club. The girls are very nervous about entering a league this season so our aim is to enter them into several tournaments and friendly matches to give them the confidence so they can enter the winter indoor league and then the outdoor next summer."

Autism Hope Sheffield - Autism carers support group

"The group is going brilliantly, we have a regular group of 12 that attend meetings every fortnight and some groups have had 20! We have a counsellor planned to come in and hold a session in June and we have just been featured in the Sheffield Parent Carer Form magazine in the support group feature so that was great to be able to publicise the High Green group!"

They recently surprised people with a Jubilee afternoon tea which was lovely.

Dickory Dock Nursery - Christmas activities and hampers for local families

"It went really well the parents was so grateful. We were able to provide all children with a Christmas present, a baking set and Christmas Eve hamper bits such as hot chocolate, reindeer dust, a carrot for Rudolph and a book. It was so special for them all and not just for the children in need within our setting."

Parson Cross Development Forum - pantomime for local families

"We have the pantomime booked in. We also have a few other events booked in before the panto, so promotion for it will take place in a few weeks’ time."

Keep your eyes peeled!

Forge Youth - expansion on their sports sessions to focus on young people's mental health

"We used time at the end of our session to chat to the guys and open up conversations. I think it has gone well. We have found young people to feel fitter (understandably!), more confident and feel they have people they can talk to. There are times when they do not want to talk but also it has created much more opportunities to build relationships and give them chance to talk if they want to. We aim to try and continue this and build on it."

Chilypep - health-related activities for young refugees and asylum seekers

"The project has gone really well! Our last activity that the grant is contributing towards is a residential trip to the Peak District in August which we’re really looking forward to!"

We look forward to continue to share more with you about other projects that have received the Let's Build Health Grant funding this year. If you want to be added to the mailing list to be one of the first to know when the next round opens, contact Rose Batty on or 07507 791 471.

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