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Live Lighter - Day in the Life

Our Chiara has been working on the Live Lighter programme since October, and a new 12 week course starts soon. Read on to hear what a day in Chiara's life looks like.

"In October 2021 I started to develop the Live Lighter programme supporting individuals to lose weight and follow a healthier lifestyle. In January the programme went live and I am now delivering this to clients over a 12 week period helping them to overcome any barriers to weight loss, health and wellbeing, and supporting them in meeting their goals.

A typical day for me starts by reading the support group chats and emails, and sending out messages to help keep my clients motivated. If I am delivering a group session, I will send out reminders in the morning and then start to prepare depending on what topic we are focusing on that week. Once everyone has arrived to their session, we first start by discussing what we have struggled with in the last week and what we have been doing to meet the goals set in the previous week. This is something the groups find to be useful as they support one another and offer advice on what they have done to help them stay on track and meet their goals. After we have addressed any barriers, I then go onto share with the group what the week's focus is and have relevant handouts ready to support them.

Last week the topic was Recipe Adaptation and Meal Planning and clients had the opportunity to cook a paella. They could choose from a wide range of ingredients. This is helpful as it encourages clients to think about different vegetables and spices that can be added to a recipe whilst still keeping it healthier. As clients are cooking their paella, I ask them to think about how their recipe ties in with the Eatwell Guide and Portion Control, which were topics delivered at the beginning of the programme.

Each topic will address areas covered in the previous weeks so by the end of the programme, clients should have an understanding of how all the different areas tie into each other. Therefore they will have a better understanding of what practical techniques they can use to overcome any specific barriers they have identified that has prevented them from eating healthily in the past.

Apart from the group sessions, I also do weigh-ins each week so I know if clients are on track to meet their desired weight. If I find that they are struggling to lose the weight, they are offered one to one support to discuss this in more detail with me, where I will do my best to find more tailored solutions for them.

For clients who are not able to join the group sessions, I support them virtually with some face to face sessions and regular contact through video calling and social media to help keep them motivated.

After I have delivered the sessions and caught up with my 1-1s, I put aside some time to do my admin, start preparing for my appointments and delivering the content for the following week. A lot of this involves finding further information and research that I can share with my clients to help with any other areas that will support them whilst they are on the programme.’’

‘’Since starting Live Lighter with Chiara in January, I have already lost weight and it has made me more aware of portion sizes and the types of food I am eating. I have had plenty of support, whether this has been through 1 to 1 or the group sessions. We also have a Whatsapp group where we can all support each other and share recipes. I have found the programme really helpful and keeps me on track. I don’t think I would have lost the weight without attending the groups and or without the support I receive.’’

‘’I would like to say what great support I have received in the group sessions. It has been very informative about different foods and how this affects different aspects of my health. We have been able to laugh at certain things as well as being serious. I have also made some friends which is helping me with my anxiety. I would also like to mention how pleasant it has been working with Chiara and how cheerful she is, thank you!’’

This is what the 12-week programme looks like:

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