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This Girl Can - Longley 4G Case Study

Mid-2020, Longley 4 Greens began a Facebook group for local women wanting to get fit and active - called This Girl Can S5. Read on to find out all about the group and what came next.

When we first began This Girl Can S5, we knew there was a lot of remarkable local ladies who promoted physical and mental wellbeing. We advertised and recruited our first 2 ambassadors who would be leaders in promoting, recruiting & running activities in the local area.

The first activity was a Couch To 5K which local residents signed up to: there was a keen uptake! This also gave local residents the opportunity to introduce themselves to one another and connect through a like-minded activity. The runners were consistent and regular and even after the Covid-19 Tier 3 was introduced the members continued in a Covid-secure way by running one to one, supporting and motivating one another. This also encouraged others to start CT5K online and promote their story, sharing motivation and inspiration stories.

The Ambassadors linked in with Move More and other local organisations to promote their activity sessions, wellbeing tips and advice. No subject was taboo, as one of the Ambassadors took the lead on designing a menopause café model and how this subject needs to be an open conversation turning fear into empowerment. This was recognised by SOAR and will hopefully be delivered soon. We are proud to also say that the Ambassador has now secured full-time employment.

We then had an expression of interest from diverse community members, a mother and daughter who had an interest in wanting to promote physical activities. The young ambassador had an interest in boxing, after she had attend Healthy Holidays activities at Longley 4 Greens Community Centre. They recruited the maximum number of attendees permitted and the feedback was really good!

"I love having the chance to do an exercise as a family.”

All 3 adult ambassadors have had an opportunity to build their capacity by attending local training. 1 Ambassador has now been employed to deliver Health & Wellbeing with SOAR, and another has begun volunteering on the Community Champions Project.

Their hard work and dedication has inspired 176 members to become involved in This Girl Can S5. You can join the group here.

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