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Menopause Cafés 2024

Do you have questions about the Menopause and want to know more? Meet other women going through the same things as you, and have a friendly chat and a cuppa. We meet on the first Monday of every month at 5.30-6.30pm, at SOAR Works Enterprise Centre, S5 9NU.

To book (it's free!), please email/call/text Julie Moore, SOAR's Menopause Advocate: or 07960 084 251.

2024 Timetable:

8th January

New year, new you! Cuppa, a chat and positive affirmations to help us through the journey. Make a hanging garden ornament with a twist.

5th February

Cuppa and a chat all about Testosterone - what is it, what are the benefits?

4th March

Listen to a 30 minute Henpicked podcast on weight gain, and chat about what we learnt. New recipes to take home!

8th April

Listen to a 30 minute Henpicked podcast on nutrition, chat about what we learnt, and swap ideas and information.

13th May

Mindfulness walk! Get out and enjoy the fresh air. Learn how walking and weight-bearing exercise can help.

(meet outside SOAR Works for a walk around Colley Park, may be longer than an hour)

3rd June

Menopause and moving more! Take part in a strength training session and learn exercises to do at home to help keep your muscle mass.

(meet outside SOAR Works)

1st July

Join us for a 30 minute online Pilates exercise session, and a cuppa and a chat after.

(10 spaces for Pilates x 2 sessions)

5th August

Listen to a 30 minute podcast on the benefits of exercise, and take part in 15 minutes of circuit training on the SOAR Works outdoor gym equipment.

(meet outside SOAR Works)

2nd September

Guest speaker! Dr Lucy Smy will be joining us, and you'll have the chance to discuss the Menopause with your GP.

(15 spaces)

7th October

Celebrate for National Menopause Month! There'll be lots to do: Pilates, dance, cooking, podcasts, alternative therapies, information stalls and much more. Closer to the time there will be a timetable available to book on to the workshops.

(2 hour session, 5.30-7.30pm, bookable activities)

4th November

Listen to a 30 minute podcast on sleep, chat about what we learnt and share ideas.

2nd December

Christmas celebration! Healthy food for the Menopause (with a little treat thrown in).

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