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Our 2023

We had a busy 2023 here at SOAR between new projects, new staff, holiday activities, and continuing to support our communities as best as we can. Our fantastic teams have worked incredibly hard and we couldn't do it without them. Have a read for a summary of SOAR's 2023 and what we're looking forward to in 2024...

Our Welfare Coaches have enjoyed engaging with local people for our Financial Fitness courses with Multiply and Great Places, and had some really great feedback. Looking forward to more this year!

We've really enjoyed being a part of the Friends of Foundry weekly drop-ins in Burngreave and we're looking forward to 2024's!

We've had some really positive feedback this year:

"I feel a lot lighter, thank you"

"From start to finish you made it so easy"

"He won't connect with anyone when we go to other groups, but he does here"

"We couldn't have done it without you and your help"

There has been great attendance at our Wellbeing Wednesday sessions!

We're looking forward to welcoming even more new

colleagues to the team this year!

We were able to deliver some Menopause awareness events across north Sheffield, which were really well-received and helped a lot of women understand more about what they're going through.

And there's so much more that we don't have space to mention! It was a very busy year, with a growing complexity in referrals, but the team have worked tirelessly and we are always pushing for greater support for those who need it locally, citywide and further afield.

To find out more about our 2023 and our ambitions for 2024, you can read our latest Social Accounts here.

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