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Volunteer Review – A message from SOAR’s Partnership Manager

We hope you enjoy your experience as a SOAR Community Volunteer and find it fulfilling and fun!

Alongside our volunteer programme relaunch, we’ve updated our paperwork and worked hard at making it simpler, more exciting and more accessible! Our brand-new Volunteer Handbook covers everything from A to Z. The aim of the handbook is to outline all of the different things a volunteer may want to know about SOAR or the things they might come across while volunteering.

The handbook content page includes: Hello and welcome - My page - Who we are - What we do - YOUR VOLUNTEERING - Induction Worksheet - Personal Development Plan - What can you expect from us - What do we expect from you - Volunteer Agreement - How we'll support you - Tell us your stories - Dear diary - The serious bit - Training log - Expenses form - Contact information

Our Megan (Partnership Manager) has shared a meaningful message as soon as you open the new handbook…

“Thank you for choosing to volunteer with SOAR Community! Without people like you donating your time, skills and experience we could not achieve half the things we do. Volunteer roles at SOAR Community are many and varied, from helping out at groups to providing peer support to people to keep them healthy and well. We will provide you with the training and support you need to succeed in your volunteering, whatever that might be. We recognise that people volunteer for all sorts of different reasons and we’re happy to be able to support you in your volunteering journey. We want volunteers to have an amazing experience with us, and we will provide you with all the key information and support for you to carry out your volunteering.”

A shout out of immense gratitude goes out to our existing volunteers for all the amazing work you continue to achieve and support. We look forward to continuing to work alongside you as well as meeting new volunteers in the next coming year!

If you’re interested to find out how you can start volunteering, please get in touch with our Communities Team on or 0114 213 4067.

Check out our Volunteering webpage here.

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