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Wednesday Community Group

On Wednesdays, there's a regular group organised in partnership between St Cuthbert's Church & Community Kitchen, Fir Vale Food Bank and SOAR. Nic and Susan, our Community Development Workers love attending the group and offering that safe space for people to meet others, have a chat, and most importantly - have fun!

Read to the end for contact details if you're interested in getting involved.

Group members' birthdays are celebrated with cake and a song, and as you can see, it's much appreciated!

For their Jubilee party, the group members asked for a nostalgic theme with kids party games, and Nic & Susan provided a smashing spread of party food and pop!

Everyone had a great time cheating at pass the parcel and Marc received a certificate for pinning the jewel nearest to the top of the Queens crown (also, much cheating going on there too!).

All in all, it's a great group and a lot of fun is had!

For more information, send an email to

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