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Welcome to the team!

Here at SOAR, we are constantly evolving and changing in the pursuit of excellence. To help achieve this, our recruitment processes are about getting the right people, to fit the right posts. Here is an introduction to the latest members of our team, who have both joined our Wellbeing Coach team to support people with chronic pain.

Saira Nadeem - Wellbeing Coach

Saira joins the team as a Wellbeing Coach supporting people experiencing persistent pain. Here's what she has to say about her new role:

I will be working with clients in a holistic way, empowering individuals to explore and find ways to help reduce and manage their pain on a day-to-day basis utilising a small changes approach. I will be running Chronic Pain Groups and working with clients in one to one sessions to help people along their journey towards positive changes.

It's great to be back at SOAR! Having worked as a Community Development Worker for SOAR previously (facilitating Chronic Pain Support Groups), I am excited to be working with individuals in a supportive manner, to build meaningful connections within the community again and to be back working with the SOAR Team!

Outside of work, I enjoy my time wandering around the rolling hills of Hope Valley and Redmires with my family and friends; catching up with nature. I enjoy Qi Gong and reading around Public Health topics.

Tasha Kistnen - Wellbeing Coach

Tasha also joins us as a Wellbeing Coach:

I am one of the two new Wellbeing Coaches specialising in supporting people living with Chronic Pain and I will be running a Pain Café at Burngreave Library. I have thoroughly enjoyed the start of my induction getting to meet so many passionate and kind colleagues and I look forward to learning more from them.

When I’m not working I can usually be found walking with a coffee to a Parkrun or football session dreaming of my next LARPing event (if unsure of what this is, just imagine a lot of very imaginative people running around a field with foam swords believing they are warriors!).

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