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Welfare Coach Case Study

SOAR's Welfare Coaches offer independent support, advice and guidance on a variety of issues, including housing, finances and family welfare.

One individual (D) was referred to SOAR by her GP for rehousing support, as she had expressed a need to move to a 2 bedroom property. The letter of support for rehousing stated that the D's son is now living with her, and provides care & support. They are currently living in a 1 bedroom ground floor flat. Issues with a neighbour have been frequently reported, and it has had detrimental effects on D's mental health.

Our Welfare Coach, Ian, spoke to D to find out what the problems were and how he could help support her with the rehousing process.

Soon after D had moved into her current home, she started struggling with her mental health & her son moved in to help. The issues with the neighbour are well-documented but the housing provider have not been able to take any action on eviction for various reasons.

D has a history of mental health issues, and she rarely leaves the house. On a good day she can just about get to the shops nearby. During the time Ian has been supporting D, there have been many times when she has not answered the phone or the door. In the last 12 months, D has unfortunately tried to commit suicide three times, which has led to the support of rehousing letter from the crisis team.

Thankfully, D has now been rehoused into a 2 bedroom house with her son.

Ian says: "I'm now full of optimism that D's mental health and physical health will improve. Since she was told of the offer of her house I have seen a much more positive person; someone who can now look forward to a brighter future rather than living in sheer desperation where she could no longer see a reason for living."

D has said: "Without you I wouldn't be here."

Unfortunately, poor housing conditions and debt management are often the root cause of low mental and physical health. If you need support, talk to your GP about making a referral. You can click the button below to find out more about the support SOAR can offer.

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