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Welfare Coach Case Study

SOAR's Welfare Coaches offer independent support, advice and guidance on a variety of issues, including housing, finances and family welfare.

Often, individuals are supported by multiple workers within SOAR. One client was concerned about her income received via benefits due to the death of her partner, who had predominantly dealt with the household's finances, so was referred to Carl, one of our Welfare Coaches, for benefits advice. She also required support in respect of her tenancy, so was referred to another of our Welfare Coaches, Ian, for housing support; as well as Bev, a Wellbeing Coach, for a Keeping In Touch call.

Carl offered support with terminating an existing claim for Income Support, which she'd claimed as being a carer for her late partner, and then submitted a new claim for Employment & Support Allowance on account of her health conditions.

Contact was also made with Sheffield City Council so that the client's claims for Housing Benefits and Council Tax Support were brought up-to-date.

SOAR staff have also offered advice and guidance for claims to be processed once the client reached pension age.

The outcomes were successful: the client currently receives £159 per week through Employment & Support Allowance, and the claims for housing costs were amended successfully. The client was pleased with the support and guidance given by SOAR.

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