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Wellbeing Coach Case Study

SOAR's Wellbeing Coaches engage with local people who require practical support to improve their health & wellbeing and change their behaviour to achieve their goals. The Wellbeing Coaches offer support and encouragement, mostly on a 1-1 basis but they also run group activities and identify other local groups. Read on to hear how M is doing after being supported by Janine.

M had been working with the dietician at SAPA5 Primary Care Network on some diet changes after being diagnosed as borderline-diabetic, and she felt she needed some additional support to continue with the lifestyle and diet changes.

Janine, SOAR's Wellbeing Coach, has been working with M on a 1-1 basis since April, and has also been attending group sessions here at SOAR too. She also likes using the NHS Better Health apps to help her keep a diary of weight loss, diet and activity.

M has lost some weight along the way, and has seen some significant changes to her routine! She now walks with friends and family twice a week, regularly attends Wellbeing Wednesdays and can now do the circuit exercises for longer and with heavier dumbbells than when she first started. Fantastic progress! She regularly uses the NHS Better Health apps and is able to stay on track and accept any setbacks.

She recently bought a badminton set to use in her garden, after trying badminton at a recent Move More Day here at SOAR. Janine says 'It was great to see M take part in the badminton, and then go away and buy a set for use at home!'.

M has worked really hard to make progress and is also building up her confidence to join a local leisure facility to go swimming.

'Even when on holiday, I was able to make healthier choices and keep up my walking routine, seeing improvements and not stopping as much.'

Find out what support you could receive from our Wellbeing Coaches here.

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