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A Good News Story

One of SOAR's sites is based down on Bellhouse Road in Firth Park, and it's where our Employment Coaches are based. However it's also an accessible community venue for people to access when they are worried about something and don't know what to do. The team based in the office will either be able to help, or they can point you in the direction of someone who can. Read on to hear a story with a positive ending:

A few weeks ago, an 83 year old woman came into SOAR's Bellhouse Road office. She was beside herself with worry and wondered if we could help her.

Her gas bill had gone up by £200 and she didn't know where she would find the money to pay it. She receives her pension and pension credit and no other income.

She had called the gas supplier and they had told her she just had to pay it.

She was not able to deal with IT so we completed an online form together for a request for cost of living support from Sheffield City Council.

They awarded her £220, and gave her a voucher that she can redeem at a local pay point. (She doesn't have a bank account so they couldn't pay it into her bank account as would normally be the case).

She is relieved now that she can keep up with her energy bills.

"I didn't know where to turn so I just walked into the One Stop Shop and asked for help. I'm glad that I did.''

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